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 Basic rules

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Ed Speleers France
Ed Speleers France

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PostSubject: Basic rules   Thu 7 Jan - 2:03

Do the rules must be broken ?


SOME BLABLA • Those rules are for everyone. It is important to read them and to respect them as well! It's not here just to be nice and it could drive to sanctions if you don't understand the meaning. I recommande then to read those few lines to understand how work the forum.

The Language

❝ ▬ Some Taboo ❞
We are on a public forum and not on a mobile phone (natel,phone,ect), it's asked you then to make a minimum of effort with your orthograph and to avoid all SMS language. Some people can't understand it and loose their time to try to translate!

The Respect

❝ ▬ Peace and love ❞
We are a community and it is possible we got different tastes. You can give your opinion, you can argument also but always stay respectful to the others here and also with the autor.

The Flood

❝ ▬ Not too long ❞
Flood must be avoid on the forum. That means, no double messages except if you need to send news, photos ect... A minimum of 3 words in your messages and messages must not contain only smileys.

Adverts by PM

❝ ▬ No hidden advert ❞
It is totally forbidden to make advert by PM in mass. You can make one for only one person in particular who got the same passion as yours, but you can't send one to every people from this forum. The one who do advert in mass will see his mail box closed.

Ed's Private Life

❝ ▬ Privacy is important ❞
It's allowed to speak about Ed's private life and his lovings, but there is one glod rule: Stay polite with Ed's family and girlfriend!


❝ ▬ Presentation ❞
There is no limit for the size, any way, if the size is judge too large, you will have to make it smaller. And one other thing: look at what the others put to have an idea of the regular size used on the forum.

Disrespect of rules

❝ ▬ Punishment ❞
Id you don't follow the rules, you will three warning by PM. If after the third time anything change, you will be banished for one week.


❝ ▬ The Boss ❞
They are here to make sure you follow the rules on the forum. You have to listen to them and any opposition will be accepted against them. You have to respect them also.

Red : Moderation

❝ ▬ Red alert! ❞
Red colour is moderation one, you are not allowed to use it - I mean the real hard red colour - in your message except if you are a moderator in your section and there is any problem.

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Basic rules
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