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 Chat on Ed Speleers.com

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PostSubject: Chat on Ed Speleers.com   Wed 6 May - 20:43

Hi girls... and boys too^^

I come back really to send some news, because I tell to myself it will be a pity despite of all to let die that so beautiful forum^^

Ed had changed his site, I already told you, but thing really great and sweet, Ed post on it !! Eh ya, he had put some articles on his blog - but it's only in english --' - And he made us the immense surprise to organize a chat !!

You don't dream, it's really true ! For all people who have the chance to understand and to speak english like me^^ (no flower, I don't have to ! I've no congratutations --') we had had the great chance to see and mora than that to hear Ed in a chat he had organized on April 27th the next

We were not in number, only 27 online, and 6 (7 wih Ed) in video^^ and guess what, I was in the people who had the chance to be in video !! Yes, yes, Ed saw me^^

Then, many fans were stressed and I think very shy ! I think that was a bit my case at the beginning and to see him, here, I can't tell you, but I quickly took back my mind and I first sayed "bonjour", thing that many lost a bit, I can understand it, but that made that I had a little "bonjour" and then when he had pronounced my name - because I heard him very well^^ - That was a real happyness - A "Hi Sandrine !" I will remember^^

But if there was only that, I think that he know really better than I expected and imagined, finally if I had some doubts, now I haven't anymore^^

He really smiled a lot, he took fun with us and we had many jokes, some stupid, but it's Ed ! Brit jokes are really cool^^

He laughed because of our t-shirts, he wanted to see our spaces or rooms, then with me he hadn't been disappointed - he then sayed that I had good tastes, we can ask then why ?

He had answered to many of things, he quoted models in cinema and he took fun with some funny questions... like, I took fun to ask and joke with him, I know almost all of him, so general questions, that was for me to remember what I already know. I found more interesting to joke with the man^^

Questions I asked : I asked if he again found time to play football ?
He answered : Yes, again sometimes with mates on Week Ends
I just made a little notice into saying that I loved really football and that I was a rare girl to know really rules, I had woke up his curiosity and he asked me : Oh yes ? and why ?
Then I was a bit happy of myself and I had sayed that I was a referee for 11 years. You can't imagine his face "Oh yah ? Really ?" Hehe !!

We then had began the tattoo subject and he shew only his star, I think that ther are some curious who liked to see him to move up his t-shirt, but it was lost thing^^, but he remembered at least that I had the same and he sayed that he knew that one of us had the same one and he asked me to show it, he yeah !! If I wanted not, It was too late

Finally all that little things made the moment so magical and great and sweet. Ed is definitly charming^^ and he had really loved, because he will make another one really soon :

On May 15th 2009 at 8pm for english people, and tat make 21h, french hour^^

See you for more news, I will tell you, because I will be a part of the next chat and hold on, he will be in Cannes, for the festival, I don't know exactly why, but he will be there^^

Bye and kiss to all

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Chat on Ed Speleers.com
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