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 Perconnality by his first name : Edward

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PostSubject: Perconnality by his first name : Edward   Fri 14 Mar - 11:59



In reports that we entertain with you, we have almost always to take part with a discreat being, rather introverted and who need to feel himself understood. Boldness, panache, ease and passionate sentimentality aren't your strong. But then, application, attention, discernment and entregent can be your dividing up.

You have a great judgement acuteness and a aroused critic sens. You put lucidity and reason at your cardinal properties rank. You need to stay in touch with the concrete, fearing before all do not be at height for your task.

Your existence is normaly easy, pleasant, in less on a material plan. Hedonistic in nature and having aristocratic blood in veins, you like confort and luxe, that you don't fixe any limits. Without a easy material life, you risk to loose all your ways and cannot put in profit your brillant intellectual qualities. A bit too centered on your own good feeling, you often make show an enormous
egoïsm. It please you to get out from the melee and to have a train of life different than other ones.

It takes time to live and to act. We notice on you a great patience : like a busy bee, you meticulously proceed, with no haste, with the perfect insect accuracy, to be successful to a remarkable effectiveness. With you, nothing is never let in chance. You have answer at all, always and everywhere.

At the same time precise, methodical and ordorly, you bend yourself with good grace at game's rules that nature impose to you. You know to put your intelligence and your mind all at your possibilities to your work service, at others service too.

The revolt isn't a part of your nature. On you, fatality is accepted, where the patience, philosophy, a certain wisdom. But on inside plan, you suffer to manies inhibitions and a certain difficulties to let you be.

You have sens to charm and create links. You show yourself fit to transmit that you recieve or to round the angles.

Your winings cards

You are made for all the job where you have to compt, verify, prepar, put in order, make prouv about patience, exactness, ingenuity, discernment.

From book-keeping to chemist passing by librarian, archivist, inspectr of all and anything... the leeway is vast. This firstname native is a perfect civl servant, from Post clerck to graduate from ENA. In other thermes, he is methodical but is short of imagination and then of adventue sens - and it's
foreeble in a being where all the inside strategy aim at assure his material and moral security.

It's imortant to compt his helpful dimension and his devotion needing, justification from a life who appear to him by elsewhere a bit futile. And we will find him then in all altruistic jobs, from servant who never leave his masters, to the irreplaceale secretary, passing by the veterinary, nurse, doctor. Relieved of his inhibitions and from his inferiority complexs, he can climb in the social hierarchy. Politic could tempted - but if he wants touch the power, he must stay Richelieu more than the King, pull the strings in the dark, to play
the éminence grise.

In all jobs you can really be successful, quotes again the bar : you will make an excellent suff lawyer, shrewd and with a lot of possibilties. If you make somes stuffs, you need to know to progress with patience and not testing right now the "big beat".

Your physical

Reasonnable, you ar at all more than the others. And it's then your best winning card. Very consciencious that health is the most precious from goods, you take care to preserve it as much as possible. Yes, you know to impose yourself a very strict discipline, to keep your body on forme and your mind sprightly.

At all, you hates excess and you are a fervent follower of the dietetics. In this domain, nobody can't catch you ! You know elementary rules to respect, food mixing to avoid, and you can even be a part of shy defenders of bilogic diet. You does your best too to respect natural rythmes, thinking that it's here the
most sure way to escape to the modern world's bad feelings. Early Slept, early woke up, you use successfuly your energy possibilities skillfully using your efforts.

From a natural to be anxious, and very perfectionnist at all, you are easely worried. This latent anxiety often translate itself by chonic intestinal pains. In one word, your intestines are the barometer from your physical and psychic good-being ! Furthermore, your extrem nervousness, controled as much well as bad, bring you problems. In stress or tension times, you can be subject to breathig troubles (asthma) or dermatological (eczema, herpes...).

As you are, more than others, listening to your body, know to keep attention to its alarm signs and accept, then, to take some rest or to change yourself ideas doing, for exemple, a little travel. After some days to take fun, all will be going to come back better.

We can say that you are champion of dietetics. A balanced food constituate rally for you one of the essential factors to keep going in good health. Regula customer in diet shops, you eat many eatings complements - wheat's germ,
beer yeast, complet cereals -, and you are an adept of biologic food too.

Yet, somtimes you can fall at least for big creamies cakes, or superb very calorific quiche. Especially in intense stress times or depression ! In thoses moments, you don't have to feel guilty, and appreciat totally that you eat. You will be reasonnable again after.

Walking ! It's the most simple physical activity, and then these one who is the best for you. If you have enough time, do a little walking every day after lunch, with good steps, and you will avoid at the same time well enough digestive worry. Golf, who being to democratize at all, is perfectly adapt to your personnality too. Like you are also in ease in stamina sports, needing sustained and regular efforts but not much violent, swimming is conciled to you too.

You are the first to admit that you have a little hypochondriac side. It's better to nerver put a medical dictionnary between your hands, you will be able to
believe that you have all described ills. Yous have, of course, a familly doctor, and it's good for you to see him sometimes, just to be at ease. But it can't be enough for you at all and you will have too effective results with the homeopathy and with the oligotherapy (basic cares with oligo-elements).

Your loving behaviour

Love, for you, is desperatly blind. You are careful then with dangers of passion. You don't want to let you taken by any mirage, any dreaming. It's like this that you find yourself often private of one kind fantasy, and enough destitue when you are in gear with the sentimental sphere.

You risk to meet serious difficulties before to be successful in your loving life. At the first rank of these one you must mention your retreat reaction, your willingly to preserve time to analyse a project, to weigh the pros and cons of a proposition. Sometimes this retreat is so marked that the partner to get discouraged and to give regards elsewhere.

When the feeling impose itself to you, there is often a sort of panic who gets in you. Passionate outdbursts appears to you a bit suspects 'cause you are very modest. You really dread ridiculousness too, and it's only with a delicate approach, sincere, that we can win over you.

Paradoxially, you let yourself often charm by beings more instinctives, more expansives. But then we can see to etablish yourself a certain incomprehension between both two partners : one being too grave and other, too unstable.

To be successful your sentimental life, you need to learn do not let the professionnal life to excessively encroach on couple's. You need too to admit a little part of fantasy and unexpected, susceptible to help to avoid the monotony. For the great majority from this first name's natives, loving union must be conclude on a mutual basic esteem and, then, can blossom after in a discreat love but deep and lasting.

Extremly selective, you prefer again solitude as an union not matching. Here is why lot a natives wearing this first name are singles. You aren't allergic about wedding by principe, but you wait to have found the ideal partner to engage you definitly. But, sometimes, contrary at your habits well rooted, you wil need to have really good time, or even to slum it yourself ! Brief, you will be ready to multiply the ephemeral adventures, and you will decide that the great love can wait.

Source: Elle.Fr
Translation : eragon2008

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Perconnality by his first name : Edward
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