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 Ed Speleers talks to Film Street!

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PostSubject: Ed Speleers talks to Film Street!   Wed 12 Mar - 22:10

Ed Speleers talks to Film Street!

Find out what he thinks about making films

Ed Speleers was 'Eragon' and stars in 'Echo Beach' he spoke to Film Street at the First Light Movies Awards.

The First Light Movies Awards happen every year and they celebrate the best films made by under 19s with money from First Light Movies.

Ed presented the award for 'Best Film made by 12s and under' and spoke to Film Street afterwards about making films.

What can you tell us about making a film that you don't think most people would know?
The time it takes to make a film is immense! As an actor you might get up at 6 'o clock in the morning and not leave til 7 o'clock, but it is so much fun especially if you get on with the people you work with because you become like a family. I think you get much closer to people when working on a film than you would in any other job or in any other industry.

What is your favourite children's film?
I just love 'Hook' with Robin Williams as Peter Pan and Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell, it has a great cast! It has this other worldly feel, it is an epic with everything in it that a boy would want.

What did you think of the films and the young filmmakers you have met today?
When you see these great young people, putting together great projects it gives me inspiration to go and do better myself.

What are your plans for the future?

I love acting and I really want to keep that up but I am also starting to make my own films. My brother and I have just set up a production company and we have started working on a couple of scripts. We produce music as well so I keeping my options open, I want to try lots of new things.

I want to act forever but nobody knows how long that will last. I hope to get more meaty roles but it will take time. I have high aspirations so we will see what happens.....

Source: FilmStreet

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Ed Speleers talks to Film Street!
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