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 Ed Speleers France Mag Informations

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Ed Speleers France
Ed Speleers France

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PostSubject: Ed Speleers France Mag Informations   Fri 1 Feb - 21:01

Ed Speleers France and some members from the team like to create a magazine about Edward, movies (and drama) where he play but with a book's and moivies critic part too, games and quizz... Then all it make a magazine.
This magazine will be available in downloading version or printable in PDF on a mini site tied up again at ESF.

Fixe Placs again empty :

Advertising Manager : Empty : You should have to manage advertising spaces according to the number of pages we'll decide to bring to advertising, you should have to know how many spaces there is again. If there isn't anymore, you should have to tell us to stop to find advertising and we accept anyone who come to late. You could then search for advertising yourself then. But before to talk to then about our magazine, post a message here explaining us what do this site, forum or blog etc... If the team say yes, then you talk about with the manager of the site, forum or blog and you come to tell us what they're ready to do (help the magazine making something inside, making an advertising atthe mag release etc...). You should well have to explain them how turn advertising space according to what is notice in the first message in subject *Advertising Spece*

Translator english : Eragon2008 - Aredhel Alcarin - Empty: We need two personnes in less who translate from french to english to translate all the magazine. Notice that you could requier help for corrections in english by the personne in charge of rereading of the magazine in the english part right here. We need someone who is easy with english language, it isn't necessary to be perfect 'cause one or two english members will be in charge to rereading all and to correct as well. Each time that you should have translated something, you send it in Private at english team in charge of corrections. Notice at all that there are certainely english people on the forum and site who will come to help for conception of the magazine and then write to them first items and then you will have to translate in french rather than english.

Movie critics page : Bisounours Masqué : In each number, there will be one or two critics from movies. It isn't necessary have to be the same personne for this page always the same one so. Depending the movie who will be treatised, you could propose yourself. For this first number, there willbe Golden Compass critic (A la croisée des Mondes in french), you should have then to have seen the movie, or as well read the book and make a serious critic and built with a litllte resume of the movie insome ligns and one or two pictures or posters. After, there will be another personne to do the page making.

To take a part of the staff :

You just have to send me a MP or apply with your pseudo, which place you're interested for is it's a fixe place, ifyou have an item's idea and that you wish to write yourself.

translated by eragon2008, posted by Angelica in french part

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Ed Speleers France Mag Informations
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