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What do you think about the idea to take Allopass ? Would you like to take a part ?
It's a good idea! I will take a part in timeto other
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It's a good idea but I won't take a part
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It's a bas idea, I will take a part
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It's a bad idea, I won't take a part
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I haven't got any opinion
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PostSubject: Allopass   Tue 29 Jan - 4:00

Subject post by Angelica in the french part and translated

I open this subject to have your opinion. Yes so, with Eragon2008 we are spendind many time and money in the site. Simply, we're seeing that make many money that we pay from our own. We pay for:

- Hosting (5 euros 40 per month)
- Design + codages for the site (the next version cost ~ 19 euros)
- The header gallery ( ~ 1 euros 90 also three versions are been made)
- Design for Fan Mag minisite (~ 11 euros 40 )
- Competitions (the dvd for competition cost ~ 50 euros)
- Projets like book projet (~ 250 euros)
- Magazines (not fixed prices, but in shop + ebay)

We'd like to have too as soon as possible to buy pictures on gettyimages or again from Little Birds but that cost 50 euros only for Little Birds. And it's not the end, we have many ideas to develop this site, little by little we gain professionnals contacts (ITV, Kai Z Feng, London Production), we then look to be highly efficients, but then, gently that costto us many money. We can't anymore pay without any help.

The way to be we have thought about a system very known "Allopass". 1 sms or call cost you for exemple 2 euros and 1 euros come back to the site (other goes to allopass site). This way allow us to have a check per month with any amont got and who would be placed in a special cashier for the site, to help to finance Ed Speleers France and its projects without you have ot do many things (except to call or send a sms).

But we don't want to suscrib ourselves and in final there are only 2-3 personnes who take part each month and to have what ? 5 euros... No we'd like as well to have the opportunity to have in less 10 euros per month. Little by little we should have a chashier for competitions etc... Then we'd like to have your opinion about this, if you think that it should be well and if you'd like to take a part in time to other.

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