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 Film Little Birds

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PostSubject: Film Little Birds   Tue 11 Dec - 21:34

Ed will play in a new movie, Little Birds, a small independent English film in which he will perform a boy, Joe, who has become a homosexual after a break.
Based on what we know, Ed is already on the draft currently Very Happy


Boy meets girl meets girl meets boy meets boy meets boy meets girl meets dad.

Confused yet?

It's a strange month for Ferran Savall, he's come to London to find his father and he's moved into a flat with bookseller Sam. He didn't bank on falling in love with Kiara, or Rebecca for that matter. He certainly didn't expect Sam to fall for him. But Sam is just as confused because he's supposed to be in love with Joe who has fallen for Geoff who is in love with Helena, who thinks she might be a witch. Weather girl Grace thinks the same and is absolutely convinced something odd is going on-certain in fact. Poor Lloyd just wants his wife back, but she's more interested in building a flying machine.

An offbeat romantic comedy about a synesthete and the tales he weaves, Little Birds is a surreal fantasia of the senses, a film that tells the story of a bunch of friends dissatisfied with love and life and everything in between.

Then along comes Ferran, sweet, kooky, brilliant, aspergers, synaesthete Ferran, bringing with him a magic of numbers and colour and the most inventive of stories to melt the hardest of hearts. It's not long before everyone has fallen in love with Ferran and Ferran has fallen a little bit in love with everyone. But a series of misadventure and misdemeanour befall the group and soon Ferran has to find the right fairy-tale for the right ending before he can find his very own sunset.

Source: LittleBirdsMovie

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Film Little Birds
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