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 Pyxidis item from 22-04-2007

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PostSubject: Pyxidis item from 22-04-2007   Fri 30 Nov - 14:07

Ed Speleers prepare his holidays by Stephany

Eragon's performer always had head in coulds.

On the two last years, Ed Speleers univers was resumed as his bond with a dragon named Saphira. When he were only 18 years old, the young man has been aswell chosen in century other actors to play Eragon's caracter.

Après the movie relaese in all cinema's hall, he made the world tour promotionof the movie. To talk about always same subject during two year can be tiring, but Ed Speleers claim at all that keep his enthusiasm of begining. He had already made two travels in Tokio and had moved on a pormotionnal tour in States where he had visited more than twelve towns in only ten days. It was "intense but exciting", Edward saied.

Critics had hardly down staired Eragon and people resevered it a very luke-warm welcoming. Ed Speleers has his own vision : "People find that I come from nowhere - to be under the spotlight overnight is finaly scary. For a first job, it was difficult do not read the crotics. To be honest, it was even impossible ! Some of them were very hard but the movie was good as possible, with 240 billions in box-office. All the kids before 14 years old that I met loved it !".

That was his drama teacher who suggested him to do the audition for Eragon. the young Edward ate then already ambitions to embrace the professionnal actor carreer. He had played in many plays and had even done Narnia's audition to play Peter Pevensie. What a pity that the caracter was given to William Moseley.

Edward left school to play in "Eragon" and doesn't want to go back there, even to have his class A exams. He explain his decision: "I think that we learn all along our life. It's not with a piece of paper that you are competentor not."

To play in a movie in this scope give to him the opportunity to reach a financial stand. He bought a car and already prepare his next holidays in Bali where he will go with his good friends. He plans to celebrate his 20th birthday in Australia with his friends. Ed Speleers explain aswell that the worst during filming and the promotionnal tour was to be far away from his friends : "I tried tocomeback often as possible to see them. When it was possible, I took them with me in places I was filming".

"Eragon" gave him a certain celebrity : he recieve many letters from fans and some web site are dedicate to him : "I find that flatterer to know that people are ready to take time to write to me. It's very rewarding", he saied. "My mum and I, we read all that we recieve. Critics from papers are often hurting, but the simple fact to recieve those letters change all of that."

The Eragon DVD will be release in France in 20th of June 2007

Source : Pyxidis.

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Pyxidis item from 22-04-2007
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