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 Fan Club - Magazine

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PostSubject: Fan Club - Magazine   Sat 10 Nov - 16:36

Hello to everybody !

At this real moment, I find aswell in my mess an old parcel from a David Boreanaz fan... As Angel...

A magazine who has been made under PDF and that fans could print at will. Magazine made by a fan club site of David about a lot of years. The fan sended me this book because we had a similar project for my old site 100% Hayden.

Then, reading this magazine who was released 4 times a year (Springs, summer, automne and winter), I’m really saying to myself... Why not to do that for Ed Speleers France ? A magazine to print for site members and forum members aswell with things who absent of the site so. And not here anyway...

What could we put in this magazine?

Hum well then some transcriptions. We could begin to put a little quart of the script played by Ed in Eragon. In each number we will put for another quart. Same thing for Echo Beach when it will be released for fan who will see it (I notice that this message is already posted in frensh part).

Another litlle thing, Eragon from A to Z, Ed from A to Z and then Jimmy Pendwarden from A to Z. We will begin for exemple in the first number by Eragon from A to Z... etc...

It could be little folders, for exemple for Eragon, « Why did the film hadn’t success that FOX saied about », or again comparison with some fantastic movie released at the same time as Eragon or few time later who had the same limited success... Them some analysis...

It could be too last news we could have about Edward...

If one day Ed win some awards, to make a part in the following nmber...

We could put too some pictures just to make it beautiful.

When Echo Beach will be released, in one of numbers, to make a litlle resume in few lines from each episods...

We could let fans talking about Eragon movie in general and Edward. Fans on the web, here on ESF, but on the Inheritance site and why not, around you, friends, family...

We could put too theories from fans about Inheritance following, or about how they see the second movie, with wheach new actors...

A story with more details and with more depth from Eragon caracter, same thing for Jimmy Pendwarden...

We could make too some reports on Ed or Eragon’s clothes, who could talk about feelings from two of them, their ways to dress, their hiar-cut etc...

It could have too unreal things like a imaginary questionnaire where Eragon answer... Hanna make that with his caracters Loofah & Hair Brush but with this very famous show in USA (or UK)... She invent questions and answers to amuse the galery as we say in frensh... Perhaps make same thing with Ed…

We could put the most attractive interviews from Ed.

We could try to concact the personne who make frensh dubbling of Eragon, to know if it was easy, what he think about Ed... Etc... Then a report of the dubbling...

To put amusing words Ed could say (already exist on the site)

If we have spoilers for the following Inheritance book, or movies... Same for Echo Beach...

It could have too one or two critics from movies to see, like for exemple “Gollden Compass” (Boussole d'Or in frensh) in decembre. “ Narnia - Prince Caspian » in Spring...

Then I took back the magazine fan had sended to me and some other ideas are my ideas... You could propose yours following and if you find the idea interesting, you could then tell if you areinterested by a place in this magazine (writing an item, writing an interview, talking around you... Etc...) I will be editor in chief aswell. And this magazine will be in frensh but then in english too... Well if you talk two language you can help in english for translations... Notice that for each magazine we will have a lot of monthes. I’d like to release as possible the first number, if it will be, in decembre, few time before Christmas.

Is now your tour !

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Fan Club - Magazine
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