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 1st number - december 2007

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Ed Speleers France
Ed Speleers France

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PostSubject: 1st number - december 2007   Fri 9 Nov - 13:25

1st number

Subject to talk exactly about we might put in the first number. I think about 35 - 40 pages will be well. Then I put the sure things list, what it will be really in the magazine and under ideas of mine and yours, if you have some, don't hesitate to suggest them after those ones. You give your opinion about ideas, and if one of them interest you, you tell right here. But be careful, you must be sure to do the items that you decide to take and you can't change your opinion or your subject at the last moment otherwise the magazine in its totality will turn upside down. I suggest the first number talk about a part of Eragon et then about my ideas as much as yours, turning around the first film, and perhaps the second...

Sure things :

- 1 page about literary critic (one or two book(s))
- 1 page about critic for "Golden Compass" film

Possible things :

- Hum... then transcriptions. We could begin by a quart of the script playes by Ed in Eragon. In each number we could put another quart. Same thing when Echo Beach will be release if some people will see (I clarify that this message is already in the frensh part).

- Other little thing, Eragon from A to Z, Ed from A to Z, and then Jimmy Pendwarden from A to Z... etc...

- It could be little folders, for exemple for Eragon, "Why did the film not have success who FOX whished", or again we could compare some fantastic films relaesed at the same time as Eragon or a little time after and had no more success. Then some analysis...

- It could be too last news we have about Edward.

- If one day Ed win awards, to make a part in the following number.

- We could put too some pictures to make more attrative.

- When Echo Beach will be released, in one of numbers, to resume a little each episodes on some lines.

- We could make to talk fans in general about Eragon movie and Edward. Fans on the web and on ESF, but on trilogy sites too and why not, around you, friends, family...

- We could make theory from fans about Inheritance following, or where they see the second film, with new actors...

- One more detailed story in depth from Eragon caracter, same for Jimmy Pendwarden...

- We could do some little report about Ed or Eragon's clothes, who talk about personnality from two of them, their ways to wear, their hair-cut, etc...

- It could have too made up things like a list of question that Eragon answer... Hannah make that with his Loofah & Hair Brush caracter but with the famous show in USA (or UK)... She make up questions and answers "to just show off" like we say... Perhaps same for Ed...

- We could put too more interesting interviews with Ed.

- We could try too to contact the personne who made the french voice of Eragon, to know if it was easy, what he think about Ed... etc... and a short report about dubbling...

- If we have spoilers about the following Inheritance books or films... Same for Echo Beach...

- The most important news from Eragon who were released during this period.

- One page of game (Questions - answers, crossed words, etc... )

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Aredhel Alcarin
Staff Forum
Staff Forum
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PostSubject: yes   Sat 10 Nov - 16:28

Mo' it appears a superb idea! Angelica announces to me to bring all that is neesario so that it covers it it is the best possible one. I announce myself to put news, photographs what querais a little all gustaria to put to me I score

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1st number - december 2007
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