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 Ed Speleers France & SpeleersNet Christmas Cards Project

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Angelica Speleers

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PostSubject: Ed Speleers France & SpeleersNet Christmas Cards Project   Sat 13 Oct - 19:10

Ed Speleers France & SpeleersNet Cartes Noël Projet

To celebrate Christmas and the New Year which comes closer slowly, Ed Speleers France and SpeleerNet decided to make a joint project.
A sorter filled up of greetings cards for Christmas and/or the New Year. Larxene and myself thus decided to be broad. What you can do is:

- To buy a Year and/or Christmas card from trade
- To do of them one yourself by computer or by hand

Of course we advise you to make it yourself, it will be more personalized than one bought, but that remains your choice^^

Each participant has the right to two cards: special Christmas and a New Year. You don’t have to send two cards; just one is fine. That is up to you. The front of your card will have the Christmas/New Year picture on it, and the back your words of goodwill.
It is not a question this time to write a letter but well a small word of some lines to wish your wishes. Those which make two of them, your two cards will be next to each other and you will be able to write on the two cards^^

There are certain small rules to respect, already for dimensions. Your cards should not exceed the size of a Christmas card on the trade, so not of creation of the A4 format. More especially as its cards will go in line special for cards and thus if that does not return, that will pose problem to us.
In your words, nothing negative or insulting about his girlfriend Amy or any other discrimination.
You have the right to two cards, but no more. We need to know after leaving room for other participants.

I also recall that this project is free, you do not have to pay anything to participate. The only cost is that to send us your work if it is in the post. On receipt of your cards, there are several ways to proceed:

- Or you can send us by email if it is a creation made by computer
- If this is a creation done by hand, a drawing or card purchased in trade can be scanned.
- You can also send your cards by post

When sending by post, if you live in Britain, you send your cards to Larxene living in England, you come back cheaper. Here is the e-mail address to contact Larxene: naeth_c_zelus@hotmail.com. Or you can send her a message on either Speleersnet or Ed Speleers France. And if you live elsewhere in the world, you send to me, Angelica, you can contact me at edspeleersfrance@yahoo.fr

Concerning the cards, then you are free to do as you want to buy one ready-made, created by computer, drawing, hand, stencilled, sequins ... Ed could certainly be on it, for example, an Ed with a Santa Claus cap or any other fantasies. I put a visual example from Just-Grégory.net who made this for a previous Christmas season:

A part in the forum is now open in order to ask questions and to follow the development of the project:




As far as Speleersnet is concerned, it is compulsory for the Staff Team to be a part of this unless you have a good reason not to be and have either PMed or emailed Larxene with that reason.

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Ed Speleers France & SpeleersNet Christmas Cards Project
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