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 Inheritance: The Musical

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PostSubject: Inheritance: The Musical   Sat 8 Sep - 21:32

This is a musical version of the Inheritance Trilogy I've been writing. It's original aim was to go onto the end of Loofah and Hairbrush, but Angelica wanted something I've written on here. So...here it is. Enjoy! A list of the songs used will be at the end of each post...in case you didn't guess what they were.

Act I: Humble Beginnings

Scene I: In The Woods

"How in hell did I get roped into this job?"~ Narrator

"The early morning was cold and dark. Light always came late in the forest. Durza waited in the trees, his quarry coming closer every second. To either side of him stood Urgals, a foul race."~ Narrator

"Shhh! She comes!"~ Durza

"Suddenly three horses rode into view. On one of them rode Arya, a beautiful elf. She carried a precious package."~ Narrator

"It is time!"~ Durza

"The Urgals killed Arya's two companions. Whether out of spite or to make Durza's job easier remains unclear."~ Narrator

"Oh noes! It is he!"~ Arya

"Oh trees of the forest! I command you to set thyselfs alight!"~ durza

"...?"~ Arya

"No? fine! I'll do it myself. FIRE!...I...uh...mean...BRISINGR!"~ Durza

"Durza chased Arya as she ran into the burning trres. Finally emerging in a fire-walled clearing."~ Narrator

~~~Music Plays: The Phantom of The Dragon Lair~~~

"In the woods he waits for me
Through fire he comes
His voice curses me
Even when he hums
And do I scream again?
For now I find
The Phantom of The Dragon Lair is there
Taking over my mind."
~ Arya

"Come here to me
And bring that bag
My power over you
Is starting to lag
And though you turn from me
To run away
The Phantom of The Dragon Lair is here
And will win this day"
~ Durza

"Those who have seen your face
Draw back in fear
I hardly blame them.."
~ Arya

"It's too hot in here!"~ Durza

"My magic will find a way
To save the stone."
~ Arya

"The Phantom of The Dragon Lair
Is angry to the bone!"
~ Durza

"Scream my devious elf!"~ Durza

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"~ Arya

"Meanwhile, in The Spine---A mountain range, not a backbone!---a young boy named Eragon is out hunting."~ Narrator

"Stand still so I can kill you!"~ Eragon

"As he shot at the deer, a bright light illuminated the area, leaving a strange stone in it's place."~ Narrator

"Look! A pretty stone!"~ Eragon

*Eragon approaches the stone*

"Are you meant for me? Or is this an accident? either way, you will buy me food."~ Eragon


Song used: The Phantom of The Opera.

Was previously known as Hanna!
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PostSubject: Re: Inheritance: The Musical   Tue 11 Sep - 2:18

I love your site Larxene! Great job and you know my mind about your art Very Happy

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Inheritance: The Musical
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