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 Slink meets Eragon aka Ed Speleers | BBC.co.uk

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PostSubject: Slink meets Eragon aka Ed Speleers | BBC.co.uk   Fri 5 Jan - 21:34

Slink Beth donned her best lipgloss to grill the newcomer Eragon star, Ed Speleers, on fame, snogging, and staring contests…

Your dad rang you at school to tell you you'd got the role in Eragon - what on earth did you think?

I was in a state of shock. It was only as I took more time that it became an unbelievable, euphoric celebration.
Weren't your friends jealous?

I'm sure some of them probably were, but I've got such good friends that they'd never say anything.
But you must have got loads more attention from girls, right?
Not really, no. I only had 10 days left at school before I went to Hungary to film, so I guess no one could really make any moves. I was actually a bit annoyed as I was supposed to be going on a rugby tour and I'd been looking forward to that for 18 months. But then I remembered I was about to go and do my dream job and thought 'Why am I complaining?'.
So did they lose without you then?
They won every match! And the guy who took my place was the top try scorer of the season.

The cast of Eragon (minus dragon)

On your first day of filming you arrived on set and were surrounded by massively famous actors. Did you wee yourself?
Hmm, the thought of working with them was actually scarier than doing it. You have to make sure that you don't come across as star-struck. They turned out to be some of the most down-to-earth people I've ever met

So, Eragon loves dragons, a bit like Harry Potter, so who would win a fight between you and Daniel Radcliffe?
No, you and Daniel…
Oh, me and Daniel? That's a hard one to say. Does he do boxing? He's probably the same size as me! I would never want to start a fight with Daniel Radcliffe.
Anyway, Eragon's your first premiere - how long are you going to spend getting ready?
Fifteen minutes. Thirty with a shower.
No hair straightening?
Err, there'll be some hair touching up! I chose what I was going to wear a few weeks back.

Ed seems to be coping with the attention - phew!

Do you think it'll be weird having girls screaming at you?
If they do do that, I'm sure I will enjoy it, but my girlfriend will probably be disappointed if they scream too much. Or if they say anything bad about her. I think she's a little bit jealous, but I go through the same. She's stunning and guys say things about her that I don't want to know about. The other night there were four sleazy boys in a bar being really blatant about fancying her - at least girls don't make it blatant like that.
Ok, so if you could invite anyone to the premiere who would be on your list?
The John Butler Trio (an Australian band), Heath Ledger, Johnny Depp, Christian Bale - I'd get some big guns in there!
So no Paris Hilton and Britney then?
I'm sure they'd try but I'd get them kicked out.

Fair enough. Anyway, things have totally changed for you in the last year so do you think Christmas will be different for you this year?
Yeah - I'm going to get totally ribbed over Christmas dinner. Can you imagine what it'll be like when Eragon eventually comes on as a Christmas special on TV?!
So what can anyone buy you this year?
Look, you have to write down that this is going to sound pretentious, cos it is, but I want a Cartier lighter. I just want a classy lighter because I keep seeing James Bond and things.
Ok, enough about presents, let's talk parties and more importantly pulling. What do you go for in girls?
Someone who's got a great smile, is going to make me laugh, is up for a good time and is nice and relaxed.
And what would your tips be on getting the snog you want under the mistletoe?
Don't use any chat-up lines. Just smile - a smile is very important. I've never really used any lines on a girl, although I did on my current girlfriend and we've been going out a year. I said 'Bet you can't stare me out'. Obviously there was a certain air of romance - I wasn't trying to pick a fight!
So who would your ideal Crimbo snog be?
Cameron Diaz. Justin would probably write a song about it: 'Cry Me A River 2'.
Source: BBC.co.uk
Thank to Hanna to send him!

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Slink meets Eragon aka Ed Speleers | BBC.co.uk
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